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Many massage therapists will claim to offer sports massages but often conflate the techniques used for other types of massages. At the Halcyon Center in New Hope, PA, we understand that the key distinction with a sports massage is that massage techniques are used in combination with specialized range of motion protocols and strength-training exercises, among others targeting a specific area of the body.

During the advent of the sports massage, this massage technique was primarily applied to the bodies of athletes to help heal pains caused from specific sports-related injuries. However, in today’s age, a sports massage is not only suited for athletes, but also is ideal for sufferers of chronic pains, restricted range of motion problems, and other injuries. When you come to the Halcyon Center in New Hope, PA, our experts will help you decide if a sports massage is right for you.

Sports massage techniques can also use trigger point therapy techniques to help with knots in the muscles and aid range of motion significantly. In addition to being a post-injury treatment, a sports massage can also be used preventatively to keep your body performing and moving at optimal levels and help prevent injuries from occurring in the first place. This is achieved by targeting the parts of your body that will be exerting the most effort in a sporting or other physically demanding activity.

Whether you have a tender knee, pulled hamstring, or pains and discomfort in the neck, a sports massage might be right for you. Contact us for information!

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